Meditation: A Habit of Great Motivational Speakers

Meditation helps reduce stress, and lessen physical and mental sufferings. It has been found out as well that it can improve one’s overall health and improve sleep while increasing a person’s level of empathy and compassion to others.

Motivational speakerHave you ever wondered why great have positive perspective in life? One secret is they meditate before they stand up in front of their audience. Below are some samples of quick meditation exercises that great motivational speakers apply in their daily lives.

Secret of Motivational Speakers #1: Smile meditation exercise

Make meditation a part of your life. It helps you to stay calm, keep you focused and enjoy inner peace. Studies have revealed that meditation can lead you to physical changes in your brain that will make you happy and motivated.

This is a simple 10-minute meditation routine that will help keep your mind calm down. The best time to do this is before you start your day.

Prepare yourself. Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor. Rest your hands on your lap. Your spine must be straight and your body is erect but relaxed.

Close your eyes and think happy thoughts. Allow your breathing to help you reach a calm state of body and mind. Think of events and things that make you happy. All you need to do now is to ponder only on your good-humored aspects of your real happy nature. Just imagine what it would be like if you smile. You would realize that by merely thinking about smile, you experience relaxed, happy, content, soft-hearted feelings. Just the idea of smile can help softens and relax your face.

Make a genuine half smile on your face. It helps relax your jaw and face. It can also make your eyes twinkle. You will also notice that your smile spread in all the parts of your face. Imagine your smile is becoming contagious – it spreads to your throat, neck and all the regions of your face. Let your mind rest there for a while.

Spread your happiness to parts of your body. Start spreading happiness to your lungs that provides sense of comfort. Happiness can perhaps bring warmth in that region. Whatever feelings you have, let it flow and just accept it. Fill your heart with happiness – soothing and warming. Breathe. Let the idea rest there for a while. Settle happiness in your heart.

Spread your smile to your stomach and other areas of your body that you want to concentrate on. Go back to the idea of experiencing happiness and smile.

Conclude this exercise through sensing your breathing and being comforted with happy and soothing feelings of a smile.

Secret of Motivational Speakers #2: Work-life balance meditation exercise

Work-life balance means you balance your career and work ambitions with the other aspects in your life – family, home, spiritual and social relationships. Working too much can create negative impact to other factors in your life. Here is a short meditation exercise to help improve your work-life balance.

Comfortably sit in an upright position with a sense of stability and dignity. Become fully aware of your body with all the different organs doing its own functions and changing sensations.

Focus your attention to the flow of your breath. Breathe in naturally and allow it to happen. Reflect on this, “What do I need to do to find for a healthier and balanced life?”

Repeat the process several times focusing your attention to your breathing. Feel the sensations it bring you. Slowly close your meditation. Make a list of the ideas that come into your mind while reflecting on the question.

The above two meditation exercises have been effective to great motivational speakers to help perform on the craft they have chosen.

What to Look For in a Custom Military Coins Supplier

Custom military coins are used for various purposes. You can use them for challenge games. You can use them to honour men in uniform, and you can also use them to reward hardworking employees. Whatever the reason, it is important to find a reliable supplier who can give you nothing but the best!

Here are some of the things that you have to look for in a supplier of custom military coins:

1. Good Reputation

It is best to check the reputation of the military coins supplier that you are going to deal with. While it is preferable for many people to deal with someone face to face, there are many reputable suppliers online.

custom military coinsBefore you make a deal with any supplier, it is necessary to check their customer reviews online. You have to pick the supplier who has the highest customer satisfaction. One or two bad reviews won’t hurt as you can’t possibly please everyone. But, if the supplier has too many bad reviews, that’s alarming.

Also, it is best to check with your friends for some referrals. They may be able to find a good supplier for you.

2. Affordability

Even if you have money to burn, it is still wise to go for the supplier who offers great value for money. Go for the supplier who is committed in giving you more than you expect and more than you pay for. Also, check for some supplier discounts. Most suppliers would give you discounts especially if you order in bulk. Also, choose an online supplier that offers coupons and special prices.

It is important to check if some services are included in the package like design or shipping.

3. Experience

Choose the challenge coin supplier that has extensive experience in producing military coins. Also, take a look at the clientele of the supplier. If a company makes coins for popular sports teams, reputable military units, big corporations, and a number of government organizations then, it must really be good. Also, check the variety of the design that the supplier can do. It is important to pick a supplier that has the willingness to work with you in making the design.

4. Options

Choose a supplier that uses different materials in producing the challenge coins. Do they use brass, bronze, or copper? Do they use precious metals such as silver and gold? Do they have the ability to produce different shapes and execute complicated designs?

It is important to go for the supplier that offers a lot of options.

5. Quality

Choose a supplier that deliver quality work all the time. Take time to check the potential supplier’s portfolio. It is also best to see some actual samples. Go for a supplier that has excellent craftsmanship and who has good understanding of what you want.

6. Good Customer Service

During the design process, you’ll need to communicate with the supplier several times. So, it is important to go for one that provides great customer service. Go for a supplier who is willing to go the extra mile for you. It is also best to pick a supplier who listens to you and gives valuable suggestions and ideas (though be sure that you’re not being forced to accept changes in your order).

Whether you are giving away the custom military coins as reward or as a promotional tool, producing these coins is a substantial investment. So, you have to ensure that you pick the right supplier that produces durable and quality coins. Remember that these coins represent pride, excellence, and honour. In other words, your custom military coins are a clear symbol of the message that you want to convey.

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What can a Chat Agent Do for your Company

customerMore and more companies are opting to provide online services with the help of chat agents. What exactly are the advantages of using a chat agent for a company’s website? Do they add profit to the company and are they more efficient than phone agents? Discussed in this article are a few benefits of hiring a chat agent for a company or business website. Society has entered a generation that has used the internet as a medium for almost anything. Customer service is not an exception to this.

There are many instances wherein a visitor leaves a specific company’s website, particularly sales-related sites, because they could not understand the information posted. Visitors also tend to leave when they could not find answers to their own inquiries or concerns regarding the content found on the website. To avoid these instances, chat agents make themselves available for questions and inquiries regarding products sold or services offered on an organization’s website.

Having a chat agent to manage the visitors in a website could cause positive effects in terms of customer service and client satisfaction. More often than not, satisfied clients lead to more sales, thus increasing the company’s profit.

chatingAnother benefit of having chat agents is providing website visitors with individualized customer service for only a low cost as compared to having phone-based agents. Chat agents require fewer amounts of trainings, maintenance and tools needed in order to work. A company can save a great amount of money in utilizing chat agents as an extension for providing customer service online. Hiring chat agents are convenient for both parties.

Since majority of people nowadays are inclined to using the internet through any type of digital device such as laptops, cellphones and other hand-held devices, it is easier for them to gain access to websites rather than dialing a bunch of phone numbers when trying to seek some information on certain products or services. Visibility of the product and easier exchange of questions and answers can be done using a chat platform.

Another benefit of having chat agents is that there is a greater chance of having a higher client satisfaction rate. Since a chat agent is relatively faster than a phone-based agent in terms of attending to customers, more people gain satisfaction under the services of chat agents. Being put on hold is never the case with a chat agent.

Although sometimes clients would possibly be transferred to other agents, the client need not wait too long before they would be accommodated. With chat agents, everything they need to provide good quality customer service is all in their computers. Shortcuts and canned responses are programmed in their chat software to provide faster service to their customers.

Having chat agents in one’s company website also gives the company a competitive advantage among the other businesses in the industry. While others may have call centers to attend to their clients, having live chat agents will most definitely win the favor of most people. This could win more loyal customers and attract new clients especially after hearing the good feedback of others.

Being ahead of others is one of the keys in having a successful business. Analyzing the potential of others and being able to gauge their capabilities can come in handy when trying to outdo the competition. Having chat agents in one’s company website will definitely make the company stand out and be superior, in a way, to others.

Business owners ought to think well about their company’s strengths and weaknesses. Think about which areas the company should improve on. Is the customer service provided to clients good enough? Consider adding chat agents to the company’s website and it might just make the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.